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Check out WOW's new research report, Struggling to Get By: Economic Insecurity and LGBT Seniors in Massachusetts (2014). Click here to learn more.

WOW's new report, Living Below the Line: Economic Insecurity and America’s Families, finds that the US economic insecurity rate—the proportion of Americans who lack incomes that will provide economic security—was 44 percent in 2012, almost three times the national poverty rate. To learn more about the findings, listen to WOW's recent webinar featuring Amanda Andere President and CEO, WOW; Shawn McMahon, Vice President for Policy and Programs, WOW; and, Christine Jagerburger, Vice President - Community Impact, United Way of Monmouth County, NJ.

For more research, including WOW's family and elder economic security data, visit the Economic Security Institute.

The President's 2016 Budget and Opportunities for Women

As an organization with a 50-year history of ensuring that the gender and economic security lenses are included in policy and budget discussions, WOW had one question in reviewing the President’s proposed budget, “Are there opportunities for women?”

The State of WOW and Our New Year Resolutions

WOW’s mission and vision of achieving economic security across the lifespan for women and their families can make us feel like we are one those “resolutioners” at my gym. Lofty goals set, important work done in making a difference in the lives of thousands across the country; yet here we are again. Our recent report, Living Below the Line: Economic Insecurity and America’s Families, finds that the US economic insecurity rate—the proportion of Americans who lack incomes that will provide economic security—was 44 percent in 2012, almost three times the national poverty rate. That could discourage even the most committed advocates, but for WOW’s staff, board and partners, it gives us an important opportunity to reflect on the impact we had in 2014 and then move forward with our goals to change the lives of more women.

Middle-class Economics and Economic Security for Women in the United States of America: State of the Union 2015 

The President asked Congress and the America public, "[w]ill we accept an economy where only a few of us do spectacularly well? Or will we commit ourselves to an economy that generates rising incomes and chances for everyone who makes the effort?" His 2015 State of the Union proposed job training partnerships with community colleges, expanding apprenticeship, paycheck fairness and equal pay for equal work, raise minimum wages, paid sick days legislation and providing paid family leave for new parents and all working families can help ensure we will commit ourselves to an economy with rising incomes and opportunity for all who make the effort.

WOW Applauds the President's Action to Strengthen Families Across America

The President introduced policies include calling on Congress, states, and cities to pass paid sick days legislation, allocating $1 million in new funding for the Department of Labor’s Paid Leave Analysis Grant Program, proposing legislation to provide Federal employees with paid leave after the birth, adoption, or foster placement of a child, and signing a Presidential Memorandum requiring Federal agencies to advance sick leave to parents of a new child.

Year of the Woman? 

WOW's new CEO and President, Amanda Andere, responds to the Senate's inactivity around the Paycheck Fairness Act. She shares her hope that the year of the woman can happen again and the role WOW can play in making that a reality. Check out her blog post here.

Paycheck Fairness Remains Critical to Women's Economic Security

In recognition of Equal Pay Day, WOW issued this statement, released a new fact sheet on the Paycheck Fairness Act and applauded the President for two new executive actions to fight pay discrimination.

Living Below the Line: Economic Insecurity and Older Americans

WOW's analysis finds that 50% of America's retired women are economically insecure.

WOW News & Updates

Sign up for WOW's June 18th webinar, Economic Insecurity and Abuse in Later Life, co-hosted by the Economic Security for Survivors Project and Elder Initiative. Read more for details. 

New Jersey Elder Index Bill Signed Into Law. Click here for details.

Wider Opportunities for Women Welcomes New Rulemaking to Strengthen Americans’ Retirement Security. Click here to learn more.

Nearly Half of Americans Still Lack Economic Security in the Recovering Economy; $30K in Wages Needed to "Get By" for Single Childless Workers. Read more in WOW's report, Living Below the Line: Economic Insecurity and America's Families, here. (10-28-14)

Wider Opportunities for Women Awarded US Department of Justice Grant. WOW has received a three-year grant from the US Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) to provide training and technical assistance to OVW grantees serving survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault and stalking around the issues of safety, economic security and sustainability of employment. Read more here. (10-13-14)

WOW collaborated with Restaurant Opportunities Centers United's (ROC) on its groundbreaking report about sexual harassment in the restaurant industry. Click here to read the report, The Glass Floor: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry. (10-07-14)

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