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Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations Advocacy Toolkit

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Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations (WANTO) has not been included in FY 2016 budget bills passed out of committee in either the House or the Senate. Because of this, we need to make sure each of our Senators and Representatives hear from us about how important this funding stream is for improving women’s access to nontraditional jobs before the budget is finalized. 

You can do this in any way you feel comfortable – what’s important is that Members of Congress hear our voices! A few tips on making the most of your visit, below. 


1. Visit your Members’ offices: You can find your Representative’s contact info here and your Senators’ info here

  • ?Make an Appointment: You can make an appointment to speak with staff in your Members’ offices by calling the office and speaking with your Members’ scheduler. Many of the offices ask you to complete an online form detailing the purpose of your visit. It’s usually the most helpful to fill the form out and follow up with a phone call to the office. 
  • ?Go in a Group: Some of the most successful visits involve bringing together a number of local advocates – tradeswomen, members of your union, pre-apprenticeship training representatives – to show the Staff and Member how important this program is for your community, your sector, and women’s equity. 
  • ?Talking points can help: You can use the talking points below and customize as you need. Having a unified, yet individualized, message with different members will help echo and amplify our message. Click here for WANTO talking points. 


2. Write & call your Members of Congress: Click HERE to access a template letter to send to your members on the WOW website. After entering your zip code, the website will narrow the list of recipients to your Members. You’ll also be able to customize the letter to include your own stories about how important WANTO is to you (note: there are a few placeholders for you to personalize the template letter, so you’ll need to edit before sending).


3. Raise up our message on Social Media: We have included sample tweets, below and attached. You can tweet and Facebook about the importance of WANTO (as we did at this year’s Women Build the Nation Conference – see some tweets here) and you can direct your tweets to your members of Congress by including their twitter handle. Check out this list for your members’ handles. 

Click HERE for sample tweets to support #WANTO and encourage your members to #StoptheCuts!


At this stage of the budget process, it’s vital that our Senators and Representatives hear how important WANTO is to their constituents – US!

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