The Economic Security Institute

The Economic Security Institute (ESI) supports progressive research and advocacy agendas by promoting the discussion, definition, measurement and advocacy of economic security. The Institute’s collection of research and advocacy resources helps advocates, policy makers, researchers, practitioners and others employ an economic security framework in their efforts to help workers, families and elders build better lives. The ESI:
  • Provides a platform for discussion of well-being—its definition, measurement and promotion
  • Promotes a comprehensive framework and messaging that can be used to study and talk about security across the lifespan
  • Collects contemporary thinking on economic security, broadly defined
  • Unites WOW’s Family Economic Security Project, Elder Economic Security Initiative, and other WOW tools and resources
  • Promotes the work of friends and partners who perform research, advocate, and  lead on economic security issues—on the national, state and local levels.
The Institute creates community, and is a destination for anyone who:
  • Finds the official US poverty  statistics and the language used to describe “the poor” insufficient
  • Aspires to a more inclusive, more functional definition of well-being
  • Needs tools to help them create better programs or better advocacy
  • Seeks new ideas on economic security
  • Seeks research, researchers and fellow advocates who will challenge popular definitions of need.
The Institute development goals include an ESI Fellow, who will perform research on economic security, lead public discussions, plan public events, and administer the Institute; Institute events; and a thriving community determined to decrease America’s “economic insecurity rate.”