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WOW works with policy makers at all levels of government to promote the development of budgets, laws and regulations that help individuals obtain quality jobs and move toward economic security. WOW also assists state partners, educates the media and public and leads or participates in advocacy coalitions and campaigns. WOW’s advocacy includes:

  • Developing policy proposals based on the input of our partners and allies and based on our own learning, research and data analysis
  • Convening coalitions and participating in policy issue-specific initiatives which draw on the combined expertise of many diverse organizations
  • Educating policy makers in the executive and legislative branches on policy issues and   potential policy impacts
  • Alerting our friends, partners and others, such as state-based networks, to policy developments and resources
  • Demonstrating need for forward-thinking policies that recognize the cost of living and the economic security incomes workers, families and retired seniors need, using the Basic Economic Security Table StandardTM Index (BEST) and Elder Economic Security StandardTM Index (Elder Index).

WOW also works with our state partners, members of the Family Economic Security (FES) Project and Elder Economic Security InitiativeTM (EESI), and individuals and organizations throughout the country who advocate for or supply the several elements of economic security.


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