Elder Action Guide Launch

Older Americans face overwhelming obstacles from the inefficiencies of the health care system to the inadequacies of social security. Grounded in public policy, many of these obstacles prevent older Americans from leading economically secure lives. Fortunately, however, political advocacy can lead to institutional changes that better the lives of older adults. To support older Americans with their advocacy efforts, WOW is pleased to announce the release of our newest resource from the Elder Economic Security Initiative–the Elder Action Guide!

The Elder Action Guide helps older Americans take a powerful political stance in support of critical policies and programs that help seniors build economic security by making advocacy seem less daunting. It provides the resources and strategies needed to incite political action through step-by-step instructions for multiple types of advocacy. For example, the action guide details how to meet with members of Congress, how to write a letter to the editor, and how to assess the needs of communities. By following the recommendations the guide offers, older Americans can gain the political savvy they need to promote important and beneficial policy changes.

Additionally, the Elder Action Guide helps open the lines of communication between constituents and decision makers – from city council members to Senators and Representatives – serving as the perfect resource for both those with no political experience and those who may be more familiar with the political world. It empowers its users to take a stand against the policies that set older Americans back and push for the changes that will help them be more secure. Ultimately, the Elder Action Guide builds confidence, helping those who might feel overwhelmed or lost by advocacy gain a sense of political direction. Through empowerment and advocacy, the Elder Action Guide can shape the policies that help older adults live the lives they deserve.

Click here to access the guide and to learn more about its unique tools.


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