Good News from the Elder Initiative

WOW is excited to announce Atlantic Philanthropies’ continuing support of the Elder Economic Security Initiative. Thanks to a new grant, WOW will support ongoing efforts advancing the Initiative around the country and break new ground in promoting the use of the Elder Index.

Central to WOW’s upcoming activities are new campaigns to promote the adoption of the Elder Index as a planning tool and public assistance eligibility benchmark. WOW will concentrate its efforts in two states, Massachusetts and New Jersey, and will work in partnership with our state partners, the Massachusetts Association of Older Americans and the New Jersey Foundation for Aging.

In coming weeks, WOW will hire a new Elder Initiative Project Director and a Communications Officer to support the nationwide Initiative and the concentrated efforts in Massachusetts and New Jersey.  The Project Director will perform national advocacy work and serve as the principal contact for our partners across the country. The Communications Officer will promote the successful public framing of economic security across the lifespan and media coverage of our work.

WOW will also hire a consultant in both Massachusetts and New Jersey to promote the economic security framework and advance Initiative work on the ground. They will engage policy makers, state agencies, aging organizations, other advocacy groups, and non-traditional partners and work closely with our state partners.

It is our and Atlantic Philanthropies’ hope and objective that this work will inform and benefit advocacy action in your state, as well. (Check out the Elder Economic Planning Act, a victory of our California partner, the Insight Center for Community Economic Development, for an example of what we intend to advance.) We hope to hear about your own related experiences so we can include your knowledge in our current effort and future materials. We are very grateful and excited for this opportunity to continue working with all of you to build the economic security of older adults across the country.


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