Middle Class Tax Cut

Dear Partners and Friends,

Thank you to everyone who called and wrote their Senators this week.  Due in large part to your committed efforts, 98% of American taxpayers got a break Wednesday when the Senate voted to pass the Middle Class Tax Cut.  In a separate vote, the Senate moved to save $1 trillion over the next ten years by not extending the Bush era tax cuts to income levels exceeding $250,000.  The savings from ending the tax cut for the top 2% will lessen the pressure on government supports and services that the vast majority of families and elders depend on. This affects only the wealthiest 2%, though they get the same breaks as others on their income bracket of up to $250,000. The House will vote next week.

As the election approaches, it is important to let voters know how their Senators and Representatives voted on this issue so critical to most Americans’ economic security.  Check out how your Senators voted and show your appreciation:

51-48 vote for the Obama-Reid Middle Class Tax Cut (S. 3412)

54-4 vote against the Hatch-McConnell Republican substitute

Passing the Middle Class Tax Cut (if approved by the House) will save the typical middle class family of four from having their taxes go up by $2,200 a year starting January 1, according to a newreport by the National Economic Council.  See how the votes affected a typical middle class family of four under WOW’s Basic Economic Security Tables™ Index (BEST) as described in WOW’s attached letter to Senators.

Please contact your Representative TODAY and urge them to support the Middle Class Tax Cut in the House.


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