NJ Elder Index Bill Blazes through State Senate

The New Jersey Senate moved quickly and unanimously today to advance elder economic security. By a vote of 39-0, Senators passed A3504/S2231, as reported out just a week before by the Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee, following testimony by WOW and its partner, NJ Foundation for Aging (NJFA).

The NJ Assembly had passed the same bill by a near-unanimous vote on November 14th.  From here, it goes to the Governor’s desk for review and the hoped-for signature that would enact it into law.

The legislation requires the Department of Human Services to use and update the NJ Elder Index and related data, within the limits of available funds and resources, as a planning tool to improve the coordination and delivery of public benefits and services to older New Jerseyans. Loretta Weinberg, Senate Majority Leader, became a champion of the legislation early on, and worked across the aisle and across chambers—with  Assemblyman Joseph Lagana and other sponsors in the Assembly—to ensure that her colleagues understood the value and potential impact of using a more accurate measure of seniors’ financial condition and needs.

WOW and NJFA are delighted by the progress of this common sense bill. The use of the NJ Elder Index will contribute concretely to good stewardship of state human service dollars based on a clear picture of elders’ economic needs.

Say Yes to Elder Economic Security!


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