Advocacy, Research, Training

Board Members


Myrna Young
Executive Director/CEO
Everywoman Opportunity Center, Inc.
Buffalo, NY

Vice Chair

Lexer Quamie
Senior Counsel
The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Washington, DC


Faye L. Morrison

Commissioner to Qualify
Massachusetts Secretary of State Office
Boston, MA




Amanda Andere
Wider Opportunities for Women
Washington, DC


Rebecca K. Feaster
Feaster and Associates
West Des Moines, IA

Julie Kashen
Kashen Consulting
Brooklyn, NY

Barbra A. Kavanaugh, Esq.
Executive Director
Employment Justice Center
Washington, DC

Marsha Koelmel
Senior Partner
The Catapult Group
Buffalo, NY

Sarah Hospodor-Pallone
Independent Consultant
Long Branch, NJ

Merble Reagon
Executive Director
Women’s Center for Education & Career Advancement
New York, NY

Marilynn Schuyler
Schuyler Affirmative Action Practice
Washington, DC

Armerita D. Tell, Ph.D.
Bureau Director
Mississippi Department of Education
Jackson, MS

The Honorable Lawrence Webb
School Board Member
Falls Church, VA

Wider Opportunities for Women
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