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How We Can Help You

WOW has partnered with hundreds of individuals and organizations:

    • Adult education providers;
    • corporations;
    • criminal justice professionals;
    • federal and state executive agencies;
    • job training programs;
    • labor unions;
    • national, state and local advocacy coalitions and organizations;
    • social service providers;
    • state legislatures;
    • tradeswomen groups and unions;
    • state legislative committees and offices;
    • and workforce development agencies and professionals.
WOW can support your efforts to build economic security in your communities. WOW’s tools and services enhance policy and program that promotes economic security across the lifespan.

Technical Assistance & Training

Assisting Training Programs

WOW’s Women and Work project builds the capacity of industry partners, the workforce development system, career and technical education providers, public agencies and community-based organizations to increase women’s participation  and success in non-traditional occupations. WOW:

  • Improves, through training and publications, the practices of job training and apprenticeship programs
  • Conducts needs assessments using a gender lens.

Assisting Survivors

WOW’s Economic Security for Survivors (ESS) project  helps service providers, criminal justice system professionals and policy makers develop and implement strategies to reduce the economic costs of violence for survivors. WOW:

  • Convenes key stakeholders in the domestic violence and sexual assault communities to educate policy makers and program administrators about how the lack of economic security affects survivor safety, and how each of these players can respond to the threats economic insecurity has on the ability of survivors to escape or recover from abuse
  • Helps improve strategic planning by including systems responses to economic security and survivor safety
  • Develops training modules or materials to educate justice system professionals
  • Designs curricula for case managers, workforce development professionals and advocates.

Advocacy, Organizing and Communications Support

WOW’s Family Economic Security Project and The Elder Economic Security InitiativeTM (EESI) advocate in Washington, DC and assist partners around the country. WOW:

  • Helps build coalitions to advance policy initiatives
  • Improves messaging and public and media relations efforts; produces data, fact sheets, supplementary research and outreach materials
  • Designs curricula, tools and trainings for professionals and their clients.


WOW’s research can define basic needs, measure communities’ economic security levels and examine economic security-related polices in your area. WOW research provides:

Economic Security Calculators

An online or desktop calculator tool provides users a means of determining their current and future household income needs, and can track their movement toward those income goals. A calculator tool can also be populated with local information users, counselors and program managers need to plan paths to economic security. As WOW’s partners in Mississippi, Illinois and Indiana can attest, a flexible online calculator can ensure your organization’s current local data and local resource information is available to anyone, anywhere. WOW can help you create an online calculator and help users:

  • Learn more about the real local cost of living
  • Benchmark their changing income over time
  • Research local careers, education and training
  • Learn about housing, childcare, health care and other public assistance programs
  • Determine public assistance eligibility
  • Perform scenario testing by changing household members’ number, ages, marriage status, work status, incomes, benefits receipt, savings and tax credit receipts
  • Use an (optional) unique, transportable identifier to track user data as he/she moves through time and from one place (education institution, social service provider, etc.) to another.

Connections to Careers for Adults or Teens

WOW provides a unique service through its Connections to Careers curriculum. This six-part career and financial literacy workshop helps participants  determine their income needs based on concrete local cost data; using WOW’s proprietary calculator tools, understand how changing living, family and work situations will change their income need and public supports eligibility; identify and explore career paths of interest and develop individual career plans that will maximize their independence, economic security and asset development. The interactive curriculum includes activities and exercises that help participants identify various pathways to economic security and strategies to overcome barriers to their career goals.

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