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WOW produces a wide range of policy and economic security-related research. Our research supports WOW’s and our partners’ advocacy goals; WOW’s technical assistance and training; career literacy, counseling and training; and direct service provision. Our research activities include:
  • Defining and measuring local costs of making ends meet for workers, families and elders
  • Defining and evaluating job quality
  • Evaluating populations’ economic security levels
  • Evaluating economic security-related polices
  • Identifying best strategies in building economic opportunities for women and families
  • Evaluating workforce development programs
  • Identifying best practices for preparing women for well-paid work
  • Collecting and processing public and focus group opinion on labor, workforce and gender-related topics.
Specific research products include:
  • Basic Economic Security Tables™ Index (BEST) data and tables
  • BEST Index reports
  • Calculator tools
  • Databases
  • Demographic analyses
  • Elder Economic Security Standard™ Index (Elder Index) data and tables
  • Elder Index reports
  • Policy briefs
  • Policy scorecards
  • Program evaluation
  • Public return on investment calculations
  • Public support impact modeling
  • Surveys and focus groups.
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