Save money shaving

Most women, and men spend a lot of money on shaving related products each year. This includes razors, hair removal creams, shaving foams and a lot of other products. Anywhere we spend a lot of money there is usually a lot of money to be saved. Shaving is no different. Most women, and men can reduce their shaving related expenses dramatically or even eliminate them altogether. No, I am not suggesting that you stop shaving your legs or armpits. I am suggesting that you start using a time-tested shaving tool that provides a better result than any disposable razor every could. I am talking about using a straight razor. The straight razor used to be very common before the safety razor was introduced. A few years and a very successful advertising campaign later and everybody started using disposable razors allowing companies such as Gillette to make massive profits while at the same time offering a product that is inferior to the straight razor.

Disposable is too expensive.

I say we can no longer afford to use these disposable razors. This is true both with an environmental and an economic perspective. Disposable razors are very bad for the environment, and they are a costly alternative because you keep having to buy new ones. A high quality straight razor is more expensive, but it will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. Buying a straight razor allows you never to spend any money on disposable razors. This will allow you to save several hundred dollars each year.

Buying a ghigh quality straight razor will usually cost you about the same amount that you spend on disposable razor during one year. You earn back the money you spend in the first 12 months or less and everything you save after that is profit.

Suitable for womenshaving legs

Straight razors are often thought of as a razor for men, but there is no reason to think that. A straight razor is a perfect choice for a woman. Most women have thin hairs which makes a straight razor even more effective. Straight razors are suitable to use to shave any smooth area. This includes legs and armpits.

A straight razor will give you a very close shave and will provide you unbeatable smooth legs. Using a straight razor can be a very sensual experience and will quickly become a part of your ritual.

You can use your straight razor to shave any smooth part of your body. They should not be used in any area where you are unable to stretch the skin flat.

Easy to use

Using a straight razor is easy, and the risk of cuts is low if you are careful. It does not take long to learn how to use a straight razor. The first 2-3 shaves can be a little scary but you will quickly get used to using the razor. The risk of cutting yourself is almost none existent as long as you keep the razor at a 30 Degree angle and as long as you never apply pressure to the razor. It should not be pushed against the skin. It should slide effortless along the surface. It does not matter if you shave with or against the hair.

I recommend that all women switch to a straight razor. Your wallet will thank you, and at the same time, you will reduce your carbon footprint.